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epro The world, the planet, everything in one place for the development of electric mobility in Slovenia. epro Complete approximation to renewable energy sources efutura New energy, new launch, user-friendly energy packages of the future. efutura Educating, recognising business ideas and an innovative approach to solving tasks

E world: Electric mobility

The world, the planet, everything in one place for the development of electric mobility in Slovenia.  The field of electric mobility covers:

Current offer

Purchase classical and fast charging station for charging electric cars, scooters and bikes.Inquiry

Presentation of classic charging stations

Presentation of fast charging stations


  • Implementing electric mobility with the purpose of conscious and efficient use of energy;
  • Innovative approach to the introduction and inclusion of new electric technologies;
  • Construction and expansion of user-friendly charging equipment;
  • Regional contribution to Slovenia’s and the EU's common goals.

Public utilities

  • Developing a business model for Slovenia with manageable investment and low risk;
  •  Developing a new business segment with high growth potential;
  • Start to operate and use sustainable electric mobility;
  •  Commence Smart Grid operation;
  • Long-term optimisation of investment in distribution networks.

Automotive sector

  • Safe and verified installation of charging stations with experienced staff;
  • CO2 neutral electric mobility from green electricity (certified);
  • Simple access to public charging infrastructure by using smart charging points;
  • Possibility to test and rent electric vehicles.

Legal entities

  • Developing a new business segment with high growth potential;
  • Providing increased value for customers with innovative products;
  • Developing a database of customers with experience in electric mobility;
  • Strengthening your company’s image as that of a sustainable and innovative company.

Innovative ideas and non-monetary incentives for the operation of the electric mobility market

  • Joint registration plates and one vehicle registration certificate for two vehicles;
  • Free parking for electric vehicles in cities;
  • Permitted driving in yellow lanes for electric vehicles;
  • Free use of motorways for electric vehicles;
  • Tax breaks when purchasing an electric vehicle;
  • Development of the charging infrastructure in accordance with the growth of the electric vehicles market.


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