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E pro: Complete approximation to renewable energy sources


Estimate the production of a future solar power station.

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Solar power stations for self-supply

Photovoltaics, the environmentally friendly energy of the future

Photovoltaics are methods and procedures for converting light energy into electricity. Photovoltaics have many advantages, from an environmental and economic viewpoint, and have therefore become one of the more important ways of generating electricity.

What is offered in the construction of a green power station on a turn-key basis (solar, wind, hydro, co-generation)

  • Consulting and evaluation of the location;
  • Management of administrative procedures;
  • Preparation of project documentation;
  • Power station construction;
  • Inclusion in high-voltage and medium voltage grid;
  • Maintenance of the power station and supervision of its operation.


The following important factors should be taken into account in the construction of a solar power station:

  • Location;
  • Roof/module pitch;
  • Roof orientation (recommended: south);
  • Actual daily solar radiation of the roof.

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The solar potential of the roofs in a certain city is in many ways dependent on the street orientation and the pitches of the roof structures in the city. According to our findings the city of Maribor has a favourable distribution of roof surfaces with regard to their orientation and pitch. Due to the street orientation many roofs are south facing. The picture below shows three types of roofs of houses in Maribor according to their suitability for generating solar energy. (Source: Ocena potenciala sončne energije na strešnih površinah mesta Maribor; Maribor 1995)

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