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Educating, recognising business ideas and an innovative approach to solving tasks


Educating and recognising business ideas, for consulting call +386 40 871 845, +386 2 601 11 60 or write to

Educating the young

In today's world people do not wish to or cannot forgo many commodities, and it is therefore important to act in the direction of changing consumers’ lifestyles. We therefore believe that raising awareness of the importance and use of energy should start very early in life – with children in nurseries and schools.  This is the only way we, as a company that is concerned about our environment, can be successful.

We need to provide our children with an upbringing and education that includes principles of sustainability and, last but not least, our knowledge about life.

Our young company is trying to meet the demands of the EU’s energy policy regarding more efficient use of energy and the use of renewable energy sources because we appreciate and respect our environment. With electric mobility projects and the trademark E WORLD representing the strategic orientation of our company, we have pursued an even more active role in the field of sustainable development this year. We have strengthened our support for “alternative” methods of mobility and indirectly contributed to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. With new charging stations for electric vehicles, the use of electric vehicles and other environmentally friendly projects, such as renewable energy sources, efficient energy use and our new energy service Energy Future Service (EFS), we fulfil the role of a socially responsible and environmentally friendly company. 

Recognising business ideas and an innovative approach to solving tasks

For further development, with special emphasis on technological and business excellence, greater emphasis must be given to innovation and greater participation from employees and other interested parties.

In the coming years we wish to encourage self-initiative and creative thinking in solving tasks. Any new / fresh ideas are welcome, especially those that lead to improved business practices. Innovation areas are thus expanding from mainly technological-operational ones to non-technological areas or business innovations.

The innovation process, which involves all employees, includes all the necessary activities from the development of an idea to the equally important realisation of the idea.

The right way towards creating added value

  • Promoting creative thinking;
  • Encouraging desire for creativity;
  • Supporting self-initiative and boldness;
  • Improving inter-structural cooperation with an emphasis on project work.

Proposal assessment

Proposals are already assessed by the owner of the idea upon its conception, whereby 5 innovation disciplines should be used:

  1. Which of the customer’s habits or needs are addressed?
  2. What value is being created (for this need)?
  3. Are you prepared to be a winner?
  4. Who are your believers (project team)?
  5. How to ensure sustainable innovation (long-term innovation potential, post-project implementation)? 

Curtis R. Carlson & William W. Wilmot, Inovation,The 5 Disciplins for creating what customers want (2006)

Assessment using the “5 innovation disciplines” model ensures the right ideas and projects will be selected.

It is vital that the idea owner assumes full responsibility for the realisation of the idea from idea manifestation and development, to project planning and idea implementation. Thus will they ensure the suitable realisation of the idea. They should also know how to promote their ideas and how to engage their colleagues in cooperation. 

(Source: mag. Andrej Kosmačin; Inovativnost na vseh nivojih poslovanja; Inovacija energetike 2011) 


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